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Mainport Rotterdam welcomes you

Mainport Rotterdam is experienced in providing high quality services such as global forwarding, warehousing, cross docking and handling cargo. Our entire team works hard to handle your shipments with the greatest care. Continue reading and discover what we can do for you, such as cross docking and forwarding from our warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Forwarding your shipments at Mainport Rotterdam

Mainport Rotterdam specializes in marine forwarding, collecting and cross docking the spare parts for your ocean-going fleet, all from our bonded warehouse. We are able to deliver your items by truck or barge from the ports in Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Antwerp. However, we are also able to forward your items worldwide, by air, sea or the road. You decide which one of these options are used for the transportation of your items.

Mainport Warehousing

Our warehouse is located near a large short sea terminal, which is why we possess the experience and expertise necessary for efficiently cross docking your shipment from Rotterdam to various European destinations. You are able to temporarily store your items in our warehouse in Rotterdam, before shipping it to another destination. Stuffing cargo in and from containers and flat racks are a part of our daily activities, this resulted in our employees being capable to do it efficiently and with great care. Warehousing your items is safe at Mainport Rotterdam.

Transport your items

We can receive and forward your items with various means of transportation, such as by air, sea and the road. This is the case for all types of items and deliveries, for example door-to-door deliveries of oversized items or the specialized transport of heavy items.

Find out what can we do for you

Feel free to contact the experienced employees of Mainport Rotterdam and tell them wat kind of service, such as cross docking, you are looking for. They will make an appointment for you with one of our specialists that will provide you with detailed information about our transport and forwarding services. Boost your business and contact us today.

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