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When a vessel needs to land technical part Mainport can collect these parts, take care of customs formalities and store the parts in our bonded warehouse or forward them to any location.

Storage of your landing ship spares in Rotterdam

Mainport has a 3000 sqm large bonded warehouse. So, plenty of space to store your spare parts, no matter the size or weight. The handling of heavy, oversize parts is done by means of our own specialized handling equipment. If needed, critical spares for your landing ship are kept in a humidity controlled storage in Rotterdam.

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We make sure that all of your spare parts reach their destinations in peak condition. Furthermore, due to our proximity to Dutch airfields, ports and important transport routes for trucks, your parts will reach you in time. This reduces the downtime of grounded vessels that cannot leave port. Do you require more information on the matter? Call Mainport at +31 (0)10 495 4360.

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