Summer 2018, it’s boiling in the Netherlands. All kinds of records, good and bad, are being broken these days. My colleagues, my garden, even my normally so very stable wife, everything is affected by it. But none of them complain, they adapt to the new situation. And they blossom! For me that is what versatility is all about. You shall adapt, you might improvise, but you will overcome.

The EPCA Annual Meeting is being held in Vienna. Next to home of OPEC, Vienna is also the seat of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. The coming energy transition, the fear of trade wars, what will be the impact on your business? Rotterdam offers a safe haven in the turbulent world of modern logistics. Active service providers in a state-of-the-art port. Your goods close to your market, in a network of multi modal transport solutions.

Neele-Vat Logistics can be your Rotterdam travel agency, with me as your personal tourguide. For generations we are now walking Rotterdam soil. I really like to discuss the potential of Europe’s biggest port with you. The haz mat possibilities for cold storage. Or how to get the most out of the Dutch legislation for VAT deferment. Repacking -or only relabelling- close to your market. Or exporting to the rest of the world!

Vienna is famous for its coffee. Let’s have one together and tour virtually through all the possibilities Rotterdam offers you.