Why Mainport Rotterdam?

  • Complete service package

    We provide all your logistics, customs, forwarding and European transport services from A to Z.

  • No nonsense mentality

    We will tell you clearly where you stand, the good and the bad.

  • Reliability

    We take care over very part of your logistics chain and guarantee maximum control over your shipments.

  • Fiscal Representation

    We have the right customs permits, knowledge and experience to act as the fiscal representative for any foreign company.

  • Flexibility

    By deliberately keeping activities in our own hands, we are able to respond in a timely and flexible way – and therefore deliver on time.

  • Expertise

    Our dedicated country specialists have the requisite knowledge of foreign languages and cultures.

  • High-quality service provision

    We work in accordance with certified work processes.

  • Financial strength

    We are financially healthy company with sufficient working capital to support your cargo flows without a problem.