Brexit is coming

Dear Customer,

On January 1st, 2021 Brexit will become a fact of life and we will have to deal with customs documents for all cargo moving between UK-EU-UK. Some aspects are still subject to any agreement reached between the UK and EU governments, but we are preparing for the possibility of a “No Deal Brexit”. This requires significant planning for the accurate preparation and presentation of data from everyone involved in the transport chain. Our (in house) Customs team have extensive experience in the field of Customs procedures and the information and software required to provide our customers with full coverage.

In order to achieve a smooth and continuous flow of cargo, we will encourage our customers to have Neele-Vat Transport provide the complete service for export and import customs documentation – the shortest line of communication between the customer, transporter and Customs will protect against errors, omissions, and consequent delays.

In order to make a Customs declaration on your behalf, we will need the following from you…

  • Signed agreement for direct representation for Export and Import or both (one-off)
  • Commercial Invoice with the Address details of the buyer and the seller + EORI no. Of both,
  • The specified value of the goods per type of goods, INCO Term + place to which the Incoterm applies,
  • Packing list, incl:
    • HS Code,
    • Detailed Goods Description,
    • Number of pallets (including dimensions per pallet),
    • Number of packages,
    • Gross Weight, Net Weight,
    • Type of packaging + Packaging code,
    • Country of Origin, Currency

If the customs documentation is provided entirely by you,  your customer, or third-party agent, we as a carrier need the following information in the case of import from the UK (and from 01-07 probably also for Export to the United Kingdom):

  • MRN number (s)
  • Customs status (T1, T2 (+ MRN in case of Goods in Transit), IM, TA, or RP)
  • Commercial Invoice with the Address details of the buyer and the seller + EORI number of both,
  • Packing list, incl:
    • Detailed Goods Description,
    • HS Code,
    • Number of pallets (including dimensions per pallet),
    • Number of packages,
    • Type of packaging + Packaging code
    • Gross weight
    • Designation Physosanitary or Veterinary goods

We will need all of the above information in order to do the declaration with the ferry company as they will arrange the  ENS (Entry Summary Declaration). This concerns the safety and security data that must be submitted by the shipping companies.

Since this information will most likely also apply from 01-07 in the case of Export to the UK, we will ask you to provide your information for export in this way so that we can prepare properly together.

Please note, the regular flow of goods from the continent to the UK and vice versa requires an Import document in addition to an Export document. In order to prepare the Import document, the declarant must, among other things, receive the correct shipping route and the UCN number of the shipping company! For smooth handling of the flow of goods, it is therefore also wise to have the import document drawn up by us.

The price of the documentation and the above stands or falls with how you as a customer present us with this information. We are currently working on an electronic data system that makes it possible for you as a customer to present your data to us digitally. The degree of automation will partly determine the price for the provision of service. For a detailed statement of the documentation costs, I would therefore refer you to your contact person within our organization who will provide a tailor-made price for the service that fits your need.


Kind regards,

Barry Kweekel
Business Unit Manager UK & Ireland

Neele-Vat Transport B.V.
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