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Mainport Rotterdam is ideally located for cargo stuffing and stripping, right next to one of the larger terminals at the port of Rotterdam, the Netherland. With over 25 years of experience, we are well equipped and connected to take care of cargo stuffing and stripping, unpacking and repacking, and additional services. Neighboring the largest short sea terminal in Rotterdam we can efficiently cross dock all your cargo to European destinations.

Cargo stuffing and stripping in close proximity to the terminal in Rotterdam

Most cargo that is unloaded from a ship needs to be placed in bonded storage until customs formalities are cleared. Our offices and warehouses offer an ideal location for storage, regardless of the mode of transportation you use to forward your freight. We are located in the heart of the port of Rotterdam, in the Waalhaven docklands close to the Beatrixhaven and the Eemhaven. This means that your containers can be loaded and unloaded directly to our site, without trucking costs, ideal for transportation by sea. Additionally, our location is roughly one kilometer away from the A15, an important European transport road, making road transportation possible. Once clearance is granted, your cargo is ready to be shipped out in an instant with one of the aforementioned transportation methods.

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Inquire about the possibilities for cargo stuffing and stripping in Rotterdam by calling our customer service department at +31 (0)10 495 4360. We are happy to provide you with a more accurate description of our services and to answer all the questions you might have.

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