An office full of energy

How do we prevent office buildings from costing people energy and how do we ensure that the buildings promote health and well-being? One of the factors that directly influences this is (day) light. A generous amount of daylight has an essential role in people’s well-being and productivity. It stimulates, stimulates and motivates. In the design of the new headquarters of Neele-Vat Logistics, daylight is the building block of architecture.

Connector between port and transport

The new warehouse and head office of Neele-Vat will be at a strategic location, between the Port of Rotterdam and the A15. This location typifies the company: a link between port and transport. Neele-Vat is a major Rotterdam logistics service provider and has been a household name in the port of Rotterdam for years. The new head office will be placed on the warehouse and is surrounded by an 18,000 m2 solar panel deck and there is space for 300 parking spaces.

(Day) light as a building block

Architect Henk de Gelder explains: “The office has an elongated orientation with large glass surfaces on the south and north façade. These provide a lot of light and a phenomenal view. Large patios have been cut out of the volume that also provide daylight and an outdoor experience deep into the office building. The interior blends seamlessly from the inside to the outside. The patios are filled in with thematic greenery. ”

The well-being of the employees is a guideline throughout the design process. The well method was used for this. In addition to light, air and (out of) view, a lot of living green has been used. Large trees can easily measure up to the large scale and robust gesture of this office building. A healthy gem in the port of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Blending & Filling opens its doors

Collaboration between Rotterdam/Turkish family business results in unique concept on the Maasvlakte


Maasvlakte, 4 October 2019 – Logistics service provider Neele-Vat Logistics and its Turkish partner Arkem Chemicals have together established a 22,000-m2 storage and distribution centre for liquid cargo on the Maasvlakte: Rotterdam Blending & Filling. The new facility has been specifically designed for storage of both non-hazardous goods (merchant goods) and packaged hazardous substances, and also features a filling and blending station. The official opening is set to take place on 4 October.

First filling station for small-unit repackaging on the Maasvlakte
This storage and distribution centre is unique for its all-in-one concept. Rotterdam Blending & Filling offers one central location for filling, packaging and blending liquid chemical products as well as (chilled) storage and further distribution of these products. The complex is the first on the Maasvlakte to be equipped with a filling station for repackaging liquid cargo – arriving in tankers or tank containers – into smaller units. These units could be drums or the 1000-litre bulk containers (IBCs) that seem to be gaining in popularity.

Suitable for both hazardous (IMO) liquid cargo and non-hazardous cargo
Rotterdam Blending & Filling boasts a total surface area of 22,000 m2 with a storage capacity of 35,000 pallet positions. A total of 12,500 m2 is suitable for merchant goods; with a sprinkler installation covering the entire area. 6,000 m2 is set up for storage of packaged hazardous goods. In addition, 1,500 m2 will be used for in-house filling, packaging and blending of liquid chemical products. The 3 compartments and the dispatch zone – with 9 docks in total – are kept safe by way of a CO2 extinguisher system. The complex complies with the current regulations relating to safety and the environment: SEVESO III, BRZO 2015, PGS-15 standards.


This location on the Maasvlakte represents an expansion of Neele-Vat’s service provision for (liquid) chemicals packaging and repackaging. The annual blending and filling capacity amounts to 100,000 tonnes, with partly new cargo for Rotterdam. Cuno Vat, managing director at Neele-Vat Logistics: “The international collaboration in Rotterdam Blending & Filling not only strengthens our service portfolio, but also enhances Rotterdam’s position in chemicals logistics. This is a sector with a traditional stronghold in Antwerp.”


Central location with multimodal connections
The new complex at Madoerastraat 10 on the Maasvlakte is easily accessible by road, rail and water and is situated no more than a stone’s throw from high-frequency Deep Sea and Short Sea shipping route links. Rotterdam Blending & Filling is also conveniently near the A15, the Maasvlakte Plaza truck parking facility, the existing Maasvlakte distribution park and the goods transport rail line between the Maasvlakte and the European hinterland.

Neele-Vat Logistics setting up at City Terminal

With the acquisition of Oostvogels Group, Neele-Vat Logistics strengthens her market position.

Two Dutch family businesses join forces.


Rotterdam, November 30, 2018


Logistics service provider Neele-Vat reached an agreement today on the acquisition of family business Oostvogels in Breda (NL) and Meer (B). With this acquisition, Neele-Vat strengthens its position in distribution, storage and packaging in the food, feed and chemical industry. In addition, there will be an extra storage capacity of 70,000 m2, including silo storage for dry and liquid bulk.

Oostvogels, with 165 employees, continues to operate within the Neele-Vat group under its own name. Its management remains active and the takeover will have no consequences for the employees. Edwin and Claudia Oostvogels: “Together with Neele-Vat we can facilitate our clients better in their growth and anticipate innovatively, such as digitization and sustainability. From our side we expect to be able to offer Neele-Vat an added value through our strategic location, packaging options and our solid base in the feed, food and chemicals industry “.

At the same time, with this transaction we are implementing to guarantee the continuity of our family business that we have built up together with our employees for several generations. Our relations and employees are in good hands with Neele-Vat. It is a strong and healthy family business that invests in innovation and logistics solutions “.

Cuno Vat: “The activities of Neele-Vat and Oostvogels complement each other well. Now we can offer our customers an even broader service. In a tight market, we are adding capacity for distribution, warehousing and silo storage. Furthermore, we gain knowledge about activities such as filling and packaging. Our customers can expect an even more added value.

Because of their location in Hazeldonk and Meer, we are able to serve customers in the south of the Benelux and customers who deliver their goods via Antwerp better. “

Neele-Vat Logistics strengthens her market position.

Neele-Vat expands storage of hazardous goods and opens a third warehouse on the Maasvlakte


Neele-Vat Logistics specializes in warehousing of hazardous goods, in accordance with the PGS 15 guidelines. We are constantly investing in improving and expanding PGS 15 storage. In mid 2019 we will therefore open our third, high-quality technological warehouse on the Maasvlakte. This new distribution center of ± 21,000 m² will be specialized for the storage of merchandise and packed dangerous goods. Unique to this warehouse is the filling, packaging, mixing and storage of liquid chemical products.

In total, ± 6000 m² will be set up for the storage of hazardous goods in accordance with PGS 15. The 3 compartments and the shipping zone, with a total of 9 docks, will be monitored with a CO2 extinguishing system. In addition, ± 12,500 m² will be suitable for storing merchandise, which will also be monitored with a sprinkler system. The hull will partly consist of a concrete construction and partly of a steel construction. The façade will be finished with a concrete plinth and steel sandwich plating.

Unique to this warehouse is the filling, packaging, mixing and storage of liquid chemical products which is integrated in ± 1500 m² of the warehouse. Every year 75,000 to 100,000 cargo is expected to pass through the complex, for Rotterdam partly new cargo.

Neele-Vat already has two other warehouses at the Maasvlakte. By combining these three locations, we now have a total of 60,000 m² of storage and warehousing capacity, approximately 100,000 euro pallet spaces and a 13,000 m² full service terminal.

Activities new location

Refrigerated storage of hazardous substances

For some products it is necessary to store them refrigerated. This is to guarantee the shelf life or to prevent chemical reactions taking place. We have 30 years of experience with refrigerated storage. Because of our focus on safety and quality, we are a smooth link in your supply chain. We will also set up a cold store at this new location. We will focus here on the storage of temperature controlled chemicals.

Filling, packaging, mixing and storage

With the newest building on the Maasvlakte, our services will be expanded with the packaging and repacking of your (liquid) chemicals. Whether it is packing full cars to IBCs, cans or barrels. We willing to see if we can provide a solution for your product.

Specifications new warehouse

  • 21,000 m2 of surface warehousing
  • 30 loadingdocks
  • 100,000 tons of capacity blending & filling
  • 3 Bunkers
  • Specifications all warehouses
  • 100,000 Pallet sites
  • 66 Loadingdocks
  • 3 Extinguishing installations (foam, co2 and water)
  • 14 PGS-15 Bunkers

Need advice?

Would you like more information about the storage of dangerous goods? Contact Joost Mooijweer.

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Business Development Manager
+31 (0) 85 065 7385

EPCA 2017 | Berlin

Largest ADR distribution centre in The Netherlands on Maasvlakte for Neele-Vat Logistics

Neele-Vat Logistics has started construction on a brand-new ADR distribution centre on Maasvlakte. Paul Neele, son of CEO Ron Neele, drove the first pile on June 17th in the presence of over 100 colleagues. It will be the largest warehouse in the Netherlands for packaged dangerous goods (ADR): sustainably built, equipped with the best technologies available and run by specialist employees. Neele-Vat Logistics will start using the additional storage space in December 2015.

The new distribution centre on Maasvlakte has more than 20,000 ADR pallet positions (divided into seven compartments configured in accordance with the PGS 15 directive), a highly innovative extinguisher system based on CO2 and an office within the building covering a total of approximately 14,000 m². With this expansion, Neele-Vat Logistics is doubling its total ADR storage space up to 40,000 pallet positions. The new building will be located beside the existing ADR warehouse on Maasvlakte.

Storage of dangerous goods is a growth market
”With this investment, we are strengthening our position”, says Cuno Vat, Director of Neele-Vat Logistics. “There is a lot happening in the dangerous goods market. More and more products are being designated as dangerous. In addition, the storage requirements are being more strictly enforced and storage must take place as far as possible from any residential areas. You can’t get further away than Maasvlakte”.

The first pile was driven on June 17th.
Here are some pictures:

1ste paal (3)

1ste paal

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